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Security + Down Lighting

Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses.


Enhance Your Property's Curb Appeal And Security With Down Lighting

What is Down Lighting?

Our flush mounted, energy efficient LED soffit down lights will give you an elegant high end look on your home without the heavy cost of needed to pull wires through the soffit and cut holes un your exterior!  This remarkable product easily attaches to your home and looks identical to current models of recessed can lighting.


Trimlight’s soffit down lighting works seamlessly with our programmable app which allows you to customize the colors and patterns to match your Trimlight lighting system.  All programmable with a phone or tablet, the soffit down lights will give you the perfect splash of light on your walls or architectural features to highlight your home or building.  Not to mention it makes for added security lighting as well!



You Control How You Want Your Home Or Business To Look

Hardly Noticeable During The Day

Patented channel design blends into roof line
Multiple colors to match any building. Hides wires completely from view
Secures lights securely in place. Adds architectural beauty to any roof.

Music Capability

Whether it be using the mic on the phone, having it plugged in directly, or playing off your phone, The new Trimlight app will play along with your music!


User friendly app, cutting edge technology. Program millions of colors, patterns & animations. Customize patterns for any holiday or event. 180 pre-set programs for ease of use. Built-in calendar & timer functions.

Cloud Based

With cloud based technology you can now connect to your system when you are away from home.

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